Wesley Van Johnson

A full-time minister for over 35 years, Wesley Van Johnson began his life in Ontario, Canada. As his family of 13 was not well-off, he spent many of his childhood weekends at the city dump, searching for necessities like clothing and school supplies. Wesley Van Johnson drew strength from God during these humble beginnings, and learned to trust in Him.

Reverend A. A. Allen prayed over Wesley as a young boy, prophesying that the child would grow up to carry on the reverend's own legacy of ministry and miracles. Through much prayer and faith, Dr. Wesley Van Johnson did indeed forge a legacy for himself in the church, spreading the Word of God as he delivered a message of healing and deliverance across 100 countries.

He has dedicated his life to ministry. As an ordained bishop of the Pentecostal Church of God of Canada and a diocesan bishop of Western Canada, he serves alongside other well-respected clergymen.

Recognizing a great need in their communities, the Pentecostal minister devotes much of his time to service and ministry for First Nations peoples across Canada and America. He is also concerned for the spiritual well-being of people in developing nations, and has helped build churches across three continents.

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